Joe Biden responding to the Michelle Volkert letter


Joe Biden took office as the new president of the United States last month. Meanwhile, Michelle Volkert, a woman from California, lost her job in the wake of the corona outbreak. She later met many people who had lost their jobs and learned about their situation. Michelle wrote a letter to US President Joe Biden. Biden responded immediately to the letter. Michelle, who wrote the letter, phoned herself and spoke.

Mitchell revealed that she was fired last July and fired along with several others at the company she works for. Now that he is looking for another job, he is angry that no one is giving him a job. Biden was moved by the woman’s consciousness. Biden quoted his father as saying that a job was not just for a salary, that honors would come with the job, and that a job would tell a person what their position in society was. Corona revealed that all those who lost their jobs in the circumstances are being cared for under emergency relief.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

In addition, Biden spoke on the phone with Michelle’s daughter. Biden told her daughter that she was particularly impressed by Michelle’s quest for the job. Mitchell is outraged that the US president is calling himself. She revealed that she was impressed to share with him the words her father had said.


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