R Narayana Murthy Comments on Union Budget and Supporting Farmers


Film actor and director-producer R. Narayanamurthy broke his lip on the central budget. Dr. Swaminathan said there was no need to give loans to farmers if the budget was allocated as per the proposals. He said that Telugu states were ignored in the budget. He said the budget was allocated only to the states where elections were to be held. He said GST and cess were being brought under the purview of the Center and questioned how the states could implement welfare schemes.

R Narayanamurthy
R Narayanamurthy

R Narayana Murthy Comments on Union Budget

Narayanamurthy was angry at the Center for trying to bring down public sector companies. He said that work was going on to make everything private. Eventually, the Panchabhutas would also be sold… then asked what was the condition of the commoner. The central government is going to see all the states equally. He is currently working on a self-directed film titled ‘Raitu Anna’.


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