Indo-American Bhavya Lal has been appointed as chief staff of NASA


Bhavya Lal appointed at Nasa.

Joe Biden, who took over as President of the United States. Joe Biden, who has already handed over key responsibilities to several Indo-Americans, has recently nominated another woman of Indian to the highest office. Indo-American Bhavya Lal has been appointed interim chief of staff of NASA, the US space agency. She will be joined by Philip Thomson as White House liaison. Bhavya Lal also served as a member of NASA’s US President Joe Biden’s power transfer team. Was instrumental in the appointment of officers at NASA.

bhavya lal nasa
bhavya lal NASA

NASA has played a pivotal role in developing space technology, designing American scientific and technological approaches. For the first time in 63 years since the founding of NASA, she has been elected as the first woman head of state.


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