Zombie Reddy Teja Sajjala is a Mega Family Member


“Teja Sajjala acted in many films as a child. He is a member of our family. Immortal blessings are always with him. I was surprised to see him in the movie ‘O Baby‘. Prashant Verma is a director with a good vision. Coming in the first time zombie genre in Telugu, this movie should be a big success, ” said hero Varun Tej. Teja Sajja as the hero, Anandi and Daksha Nagarkar as the heroines in the movie ‘Zombie Reddy’ directed by Prashant Verma. Produced by Rajasekhar Verma, the film is set to release tomorrow (Friday).

Teja Sajjala
Teja Sajjala

Speaking at the pre-release ceremony of ‘Zombie Reddy’ in Hyderabad, actor Tanikella Bharani said, “I wanted to be a great director by watching RGV in ‘Shiva’ movie time. Now I have the same feeling when I see Prashant Verma. ” Rajasekhar Verma says – “My dream is to make a movie. “I am just happy to be with Zombie Reddy.” “Our producer Rajasekhar Varma helped a lot of people during Corona and did health insurance. Teja is a good friend of mine. Prashant Verma said, “I have to do a film with him before the movie ‘Ah!’ On this occasion, the music director Mark K. Robin, Executive Producers penumathsa Anand, halo Chintalapati, line producer Venkat Kumar were present at the Getty.



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