The White Tiger Movie Review


‘Circumstances have changed. Now the world is not white .. the pale, brown people are humans…! ’

Is Ashok’s concept. He thinks so at a time when Bangalore is becoming a hub to cater to the technological needs of Western countries after globalization.

Ashok, an aristocratic, feudal family man who returned home after studying in America. He wants to set up a software company in Bangalore with his education and a share of the assets acquired by his predecessors. Ashok, who grew up in America, is also in love with Pinky, who is married to him. But Ashok’s idea is opposed by his landlord’s father. Ashok gets into a fight.

Unable to cope with the feudal system, the couple moved from Sonthur (Dhanbad) to Delhi. The driver for them is a young man named Balaram Halwai. The Ashok family will be in a hurry to pay their constituency leader for some business transaction in that order. That responsibility is handed over to Ashok by his father and brother. Nor does it begin with the case of Ashok.

In fact, he is not the protagonist. Who led the protagonist. And the hero… The White Tiger .. Balaram Halwai.

White Tiger Movie Review
White Tiger Movie Review

Story of White Tiger Movie

Balaram Halwai (Adarsh ​​Gaurav) is a young man from the lower caste. Balaram’s father, Anna, works in a small tea shop. Their livelihoods are simmering in a charcoal kiln for a teapot. Balaram Jem. He is like a white tiger born once in a generation.

Reading is life. If English is spoken at the end of his tongue the calculations are playing on the fingertips. That agile child is a master’s favorite. Unlike his father and sister, Balaram hopes to study in Delhi.

However, Balaram’s life did not go as the master had hoped. If the father dies of tuberculosis, the grandmother takes the boy and puts him to work chopping coal. Reluctantly he grows up doing that.

Then Ashok (Rajkumar Rao) arrives in America America with Pinky (Priyanka Chopra). Balaram was thrilled to see him. This is what my boss thinks.

He wants to become the driver of his car. He learns to drive by convincing his grandmother, who is adamant that his grandchildren must work hard for twenty-four hours before his eyes. He goes to Dhanbad from his hometown Laxmangarh.

The man who was already Ashok’s driver cleverly removes the job and arrives in Delhi with them. Balaram’s slave mind finds it difficult to see Ashok as a friend. Pinky looks to change that thought in him.

The driver‌ says not to make life permanent .. to try for a better life. It was at that time that Ashok told Balaram about his dream of Bangalore.

He wants his boss’ wish to be fulfilled quickly .. so he wants his life to get better .. he also provokes Ashok in that direction.

One day .. Pinky’s birthday is coming. Driving under the influence of alcohol causes the death of a child.

With that, the three in the car are threatened. Ashok’s elders know .. to lay the blame on Balaram .. they say they will pay their family as compensation.

Pinky is about to sacrifice the innocent Balaram. To those family members, in this case, Pinky will have to fight.

One night Pinky leaves for America without telling Ashok. Then again Balarama served him closely .. watching his Bangalore dream get wet and dry. But cannot.

‘If the poor want to get rich, they have to be lucky .. they have to commit all the crimes’. That is the lesson taught by experience to Balaram It turns out that Ashok has no chance of getting lucky in the form of an idea.

So one day he kills Ashok who is taking money to pay a politician and flees to Bangalore with that money. He bribes the police who are harassing him and removes his name from the ‘Wanted’ list. There .. a software company called ‘The White Tiger Drivers’ puts up a taxi company that provides cab service to companies.

Unlike his boss, he befriends his subordinates. If they have an accident, the owner blames himself and stands by the victim’s family.

Balaram Halwai grows from a coal miner to a cab company owner, following the mantra of entrepreneurship that Ashok said.

Film critics say that Parasite is similar to the film. The film reflects our social and economic background. ‘There are many castes in our country but we have only two people with stomachs…

Those who have no stomachs (rich, poor)’ is said by the hero but ‘The White Tiger’ discusses all the caste, religion, economic, gender gaps in depth.

The White Tiger is a movie that is being streamed on Netflix. The director is Ramin Behrani, an Iranian-American. Webflix is ​​based on the novel ‘The White Tiger’ by Arvind Adiga. The book won the Booker Prize in 2008.


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