Actor Sumanth Started Cancer Awareness Program – World Cancer Day


Hero Sumanth inaugurated an awareness rally organized by Hi-Tech City Medicare Cancer Institute Hospital on the occasion of World Cancer Day. The grandfather said it was painful to fight cancer in the final stages. He called on the youth to stay away from bad habits. He also claims to have cut down on scenes like smoking in his movies. He said he was wondering if it was necessary when someone told him the scene of smoking a cigarette. If not, sometimes the character must act in such scenes as per the demand.

Sumanth Started Cancer Awareness Program

Sumanth cancer day
Sumanth cancer day

He said many of his family had died of cancer and some had conquered it. He said that if cancer could be detected in the first stage, it would be possible to get rid of it. He advised the youth to adopt healthy eating habits. It is learned that Sumanth is currently starring in the movie “Kapatadhari“. Directed by Pradeep, the film is being produced by Dr. G. Dhananjayan and Lalitha Dhananjayan under the banner of Creative Entertainers and Distributors. On the other hand, he is also making a film under the direction of Murali Krishna. Madhunandan, Dhanraj, Hyper Adi, and others are playing other roles in this film starring Aima as the heroine. Sharma Chukka is building on the offering of Gujju Ramu.



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