Jagan doesn’t want the election to go smoothly says Chandrababu Naidu


TDP chief Chandrababu on Wednesday held a teleconference with TDP leaders. Speaking on the occasion, Chandrababu flagged off that YSRCP leaders are doing politics of intimidation. The second phase sought details from the leaders on the progress of the nominations. ‘Congratulations to all the candidates who are making bold nominations. The TDP is looking to uphold democracy. The YSRCP is looking to destroy democracy. Jagan Reddy does not want the panchayat elections to go smoothly. The YSRCP is provoking them and creating tensions. Looking to threaten with false cases. Jagan has done nothing but deceive the people and deceive the state.

chandrababu jagan
chandrababu jagan

Although the state got Jagan in the central budget, Polavaram has no funds. Amravati has no funds. Jagan’s malice is to commit crimes and commit atrocities and to rub them on others. Depicting the murder of Babai Vivekanandareddy as a heart attack. Then making allegations against TDP. Jagan Naijam is the horn of the accused after becoming the CM. Jagan asked the CBI inquiry in the Opposition .. Why did he write the letter not to become the CM ..? What is the secret behind saving the culprits in the Babai murder case? ‘


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