TDP leader Pattabhi’s house attacked – car mirrors smashed


The house of TDP leader Pattabhi was attacked. On Tuesday, Pattabhi was attacked by thugs at his residence as he was leaving his home for office. Pattabhi smashed car mirrors. Pattabhi was injured in the incident. He was immediately given first aid. Locals say he was attacked by 10 thugs. This is the second time Pattabhi has been attacked. Two months ago, Pattabhi’s vehicle was attacked by thugs.

pattabhi tdp leader
Pattabhi tdp leader

Commenting on the latest attack, Pattabhi said that on his way to work in the morning, about 10 people ambushed him near his house and surrounded the car at once with rods, sticks, and boulders. He said he was attacked and the car was completely destroyed. He said the driver was also attacked.

Pattabhi recalled that his vehicle had been vandalized by some people in the past as well. He made it clear that he was not afraid of such attacks and would not hesitate to reveal the facts. He was accused of targeting himself for exposing scandals in the government. He has been receiving threats for the last ten days.

He said the matter was reported to the police in front of the media. He said he had asked for protection but criticized the police for not taking any action. People want to think about how peaceful the state is if there are attacks with firearms in such an area where there are ministers, high court judges, and celebrities.

He was outraged that the police system had completely surrendered to the ruling party and would have watered you down if there had been attacks on opposition parties.


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